Skelly Gallery 

                   Circle Of Life, bronze by Donald Liardi

Indoor art-works in the gallery's permanent collection:

Stephan Daigle, Timothy Elliott, Bernard Pugin Gauthier, Alex Coronado-Guzman, Herb Greenwald,  Andrea Maria Coda di San Grato, Mari Hill Harpur, Susan Jephcott, Philippa Lesniak, Donald Liardi, Nik Schnell, Elisabeth Skelly, Freda Pemberton Smith, Odile Tetu and Susan Valyi.


Sculptures by Donald Liardi

Please contact Nik Schnell for a current list of bronze sculptures.

Ceramics by John Ikeda 

Hand thrown white earthenware clay, multiple-fired. The colour application is layered with the use of fritted stains and under glazes. 

We have a wide selection of bowls, mugs and containers.