Elisabeth Skelly

Portrait of Elisabeth Skelly carving


Elisabeth Skelly

Elisabeth Skelly studied Fine Arts at the University of Quebec and
majored in etching and engraving at l'Ecole des Beaux Arts in
Montreal. After obtaining a teaching degree she taught art in Pointe
Claire before moving to New York City where she studied at the School
of Visual Arts. In Hudson, Quebec, Lis was privileged to work with Rai
Senior, designing and weaving three-dimensional tapestries.

Her independent artistic career, spanning nearly five decades, has
embraced different media, from watercolours to oil paintings, from
intricate pencil drawings to multi-dimensional sculptures. Lis's work
has been exhibited in Ottawa, Vankleek Hill, St. Eugene, and Montreal.
Several solo exhibitions at Gallery Dan Delaney in Westmount were sold

Lis is well known for her work on the four full-scale murals in
Vankleek Hill, artistic features co-created with Odile Tetu in the
1990s which highlight historical aspects of the area. These murals
continue to attract tourists and exemplify the charm of the town.

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