John Greenwald

John Greenwald in his Studio
John Greenwald, Consideration of Amy, Watercolour
John Greenwald, Grind, watercolour


John Greenwald, 1942 - 2010

John speaks about his work:

I drew my first nude as a 16-year-old high schooler in New York City in 1959. A classmate took a small group of us to open life drawing at the famous Art Students League in Manhattan. There, for less than a dollar, we drew the figure for two hours with a few dozen other artists.

I had never seen a live nude model before, but after a minute or so of trepidation, I began to draw. And immediately I was hooked. There was something about the abstract beauty of the figure — plus the model's inherent humanness, sensuality and personality — that I wanted to capture.


In time, I saw the figure as a template for experiments in color, expression, abstraction and playfulness. That's where I am now, using the figure to explore a wide visual vocabulary. People have called me an abstract painter, an expressionist, a fauve, a colorist and Matisse-like. Who knows?


Some of the artists where I have my studio, in Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Mass., wonder why I use different models. “All his models look alike,” they say. But I need models. They are my collaborators, whose style and personalities influence my paintings as much as their torsos, limbs and faces.


Biography and Exhibitions


Born: New York, NY.,1942

Schooling: Graduated from the High School of Art and Design, New York N.Y., 1959; majored in advertising art. Graduated from Syracuse University, 1963: bachelor of arts; Majored in American studies and journalism.

 Journalist: For 40 years, newspaper and magazine writer, editor and executive.  I worked for a variety of general interest and specialized publications with local and national and national audiences. Currently write a weekly column, "After the Show," about movies, TV, culture and society for the Waterbury Republican-American in Connecticut.

Exhibited in the juried show, "Ambiguous Relationships," at the Strathmore Art Center, Bethesda, Md., 1988.

Exhibited in regional bi-annual juried show at the Whistler House Museum of Art, Lowell, Mass., 1997.

Exhibited in a National juried show, "Nude 2002" at the Lexington Art League, Lexington, Ken., January 2002.

Exhibited at the NOA Gallery, Groton, Mass., June 2005

Exhibited in " Juried Members Exhibition" at the Brush Studios & Gallery, Lowell, Mass., January 2002.

Exhibited in one-person and group shows at the Whistler House Museum of Art, Lowell, Mass., November and December 2002, January 2004, April 2006.

Exhibited in a one -person exhibition, "Naked Lunch," at La Boniche Restaurant, Lowell, Mass., December 2001 to March 2002.

Exhibited in a three-person exhibition at the Higher Ground Coffee House and in one-person show at La Boniche Restaurant, Lowell, Mass., April and May 2003.

Exhibited at the NOA Gallery, Groton, Mass., July 2005.

Exhibited at the Mambo Grill, Lowell, Mass., November 2005.

Exhibited at the Art's League of Lowell Gallery, September and December 2005.

Exhibited in " In Sequence," an exhibition curated by Patrick Pollard, The Brush Art Gallery and Studios, Lowell, Mass., February-May 2006.

Exhibited in "New Volumes" an exhibition of books created by artists, 119 Gallery, Lowell, Mass., May-June 2006.

Exhibited in Multiple Exposures," a one-person exhibition, the Prescott Street Gallery, Lowell, Mass., June-July 2006.

Exhibited in Solo "bijou" exhibition the Eggroll Cafe, Lowell, Mass., August-October 2006.

 Exhibited in "Scrolls: A fiber Interpretation," Western Avenue Studios, Lowell, Mass., July-September 2007.

Exhibited in Arts League of Lowell " Folk Festival Members Show," ALL Gallery, Lowell, Mass., July August 2007.

 Exhibited in "Creative Fervor: First Annual 119 Gallery Members Exhibit," 119 Gallery, Lowell., Mass., July-August 2007.

Exhibited in "Self Portraits: Arts League of Lowell First Juried Exhibition," ALL Arts Gallery, Lowell, Mass., September-October 2007. Received Juror's Commendation.




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